Our Point Of View

As a growth stage company, you’ve already done much of the heavy lifting. But to get to the next stage, there’s still lots to do. Here are some of the observations we’ve made about companies as they strive to scale and the ways we try to help.

The best predictor of success is quality of the team

A company will hit a wall if its co-founders make all of the decisions and do all of the work. We work with you to assess the roles that require investment, and help you to identify the people who will help the company excel.

Every company needs to understand its superpower

Trying to execute everything you’ve contemplated is time-sucking to your company and confusing to the market. We try to help you crystallize what your strategic positioning is – and how to deliver against it.

Every company is a marketing & sales company

Once you have your product (and roadmap) in place, you need to figure out how to go-to-market at scale. We think this is our superpower.

Reporting is exciting

It isn’t really, but it is vital. We help you assess which key metrics will determine the success of your company and then build a reporting format to help us collectively monitor and manage the company’s execution.

We believe that the most important work happens between board meetings, not at them

We invest believing we have as much to gain or lose as you do. And we’ll do the work to prove it. We know everyone says it but we mean it.